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Keep Music Evil is a Mailing list dedicated to The Fatima Mansions, a most excellent band from Ireland. Also, any related bands, groups, or topics are fully acceptable. These include, but are not limited to: Bubonique, The High Llamas, Microdisney, and Cathal Coughlan himself. Plus whatever else we, as fans, would like to talk about.
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Currently the list is a low level list, meaning that subscribers should be prepared to recieve around 10-20 messages per week, although this number *should* increase as the number of subscribers increases.

To Subscribe go to and just fill out the little info sheet and then subscribe to evilmusic. It's that simple.
Then to unsubscribe, you just go to that same address, and unsubscribe. The address is really easy to remember as well, because all emails that you send and recieve from Keep Music Evil will appear to be from the address of "EVILMUSIC@ONELIST.COM" so the web address is practically there. (Most browsers will take you there if you simply put in onelist in your "location box".

Any questions or troubles and you can email the list owner, ME at [an error occurred while processing this directive]
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