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Pictures of the band were blatantly stolen from the offical, although crappy, Radioactive Records web-site.

The discography sections were based on "Keep Music Evil," The Unofficial Fatima Mansions Discography. Additional information was obtained from the Leonard Cohen Discography, the "MUZE" machines available in most record stores, and from other obscure traces throughout the internet. Hamish Simpson gave me the tip on the UK version of LITFW with the "Sunken Cities" track. (thanks for the WAV file too Hamish!)
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The Fatima Mansions history was robbed from "The Rough Guide to Rock." and updated and maintained (to no degree of acuracy what-so-ever by dj bluE

Lyrics from "Against Nature," and "Valhalla Avenue" originally transcribed by Aaron Giles, and updated by Dave Watson/SHLF. Adjustments made by dj bluE. Aaron and Dave are also the original creators of the un-official discography, "Keep Music Evil."
Lyrics for "You Won't Get Me Home" were updated by Adrian Lee. This is what was sent to me:
I think he line in You Won't Get Me Home is actually 'their boy scout songs of jahbulon' as I recently discovered in 'From Hell', a graphic novel by Alan Moore, that Jahbulon is a Masonic deity derived from Jahweh, Baal and Osiris.
Cheers Adrian!!
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