I'm guessing that this article which I stole someplace on the web is from 1995.


     MYSTERIOUS IRISH eclectics Bubonique return to the fray on September 
11th with their tastefully-titled "Trance Arse Volume 3" album. 

     As for the identity of the rubberband-men, Kitchenware Records' Phil 
Mitchell warns that, "anyone suggesting that Bubonique is just a  
thinly-veiled disguise for Cathal Coughlan and Sean Hughes' more bizarre 
rantings is likely to find themselves in court. Both of them are serious 
artistes - note the extra 'e' - and wouldn't involve themselves in such a 
low-rent project." 

     Mitchell was, however, persuaded to give HOT PRESS a preview of the 
depths that will undoubtedly be plumbed. 

     "There's a pub rock version of Michael Nyman's 'The Piano' which  
sounds uncannily like a Cork singer and a Dublin comedian locked in a 
studio with a crate of beer but obviously isn't. Following that, we've 
got an update of 'Freebird' that starts off rocky and then goes techno la 
2-Unlimited, a homage to Blur called 'Oi! Copper' and a tribute to 
George Michael featuring tasteful renditions of 'Faith', 'Last 
Christmas' and 'Careless Whisper'.  They spent a whole week recording it, 
so as you can imagine, it's pretty classy stuff." 

     Meanwhile, Kitchenware's other star turn - Fatima Mansions - have 
started work on their new album. 

     "They're in the studio at the moment doing what I'd call a 'test 
run'," Mitchell continues, "and if all goes according to plan we should 
have something to show for it in early 1996. This could be a big record 
for Cathal. The Mansions toured the States last year on the same bill as 
Weezer and Live and although they died a horrible death in some places, 
the response generally was brilliant." 

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