The Fans

Okay, this is where I will post emails from various fans around the world. Some will ask questions, and if you know the answers, email me and I'll post them! This page shouldn't get too large, as I've only gotten around 25 mails since I've started this page, months ago.


I just caught your Fatima discography and, obviously being a fan, wondered
if you had heard anything about his recent solo Dublin shows?

Haven't heard a thing about them.. anybody else?

From:  Sue Dyer 
I found your page when I was searching for "sean hughes " on the net.
You'll probably know that Sean and Cathal are good friends.  When Sean did
a gig at The Bloomsbury Theatre late last year Cathal did a set to open the
show - to rather mixed reviews and several walk outs.  I totally enjoyed
his set which included a brilliant "Berties Brochures" with a tremendous
lead up rant.

I'm not sure how many times they've played together live, but I did see a
Bubonique gig called "Keep music Unlistenable" at The Garage, Highbury,
June 1994.  I've got some very weird pics of the band around somewhere,
they have on an assortment of gas masks, goggles and things stuffed down
their trousers.  The highlight was an unforgettable "Careless Whisper"

Sean is on tour at the moment, his latest show "Alibis for Life" features
original music by Cathal who receives a credit in the programme.

I have some USA promo stuff and a promo video I won in the woeful
Kitchenware newsletter up for grabs if you ever start a "wants" section


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